Forest and Wood Products Sector RD&E Forum

The forest and wood products sector RD&E forum has been established to address the RD&E needs of this primary industry sector.

Chairmanship of the Forum rotates between the three main groups within the forum (funders, providers, and users) annually, and a part-time co-ordinator is employed to service the needs of the Forum.

The Forum comprises various stakeholders in the forest and wood products sector’s RD&E.

The Forum’s role is to:

  • Continue to develop and implement the forest and wood products sector national RD&E strategy
  • Provide a national forum for consultation, communication and coordination between the sector’s RD&E funders and providers
  • Provide input to FFPC, the Minister’s Forest and Wood Products Council, PISC, the Rural Research and Development Council, and other forums relevant to RD&E
  • Monitor and work to maintain forest and wood products sector RD&E capability, investment and cost-effectiveness
  • Review, on an ongoing basis, common priorities for RD&E in the sector
  • Communicate RD&E outcomes to policy makers and the general public
  • Ensure communication between other primary industry sectors on RD&E priorities, particularly with respect to farm forestry

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